SQL Server 2008 – SSRS Q&A

Q: How to display Parameter value on SSRS Reports

A: To display the parameter value on the report, create a textbox on the report and then set it’s expression to your parametername.value. Right Click => Expression


Q: How to add code behind to SSRS report?

A: Report Properties => Code, call the function in Expression:  =Code.ChangeWord(Fields!Category.Value)


MSDN: Add Code to a Report (SSRS)

Q: How to populate the report parameter with a list of available values?

A: Create a DataSet to generate a list of values for the report parameter first. Report Data => Parameters => Report Parameter Properties => Available Values select Get value from a query and define value and label field. 



MSDN: Adding Parameters to Create a List of Available Values

Q: How to create a drillthrough (drill down and up) report?

A: To create a drillthrough report, you must design the drillthrough report first, before you create the drillthrough action in the main report. You can add drillthrough links to text boxes (including text in the cells of a table or matrix), images, charts, gauges, and any other report item that has an Action property.


MSDN: Add a Drillthrough Action on a Report

Q: How to concatenate strings using Expression?

A: In Expression Window type: = Fields!Province.Value & ” : ” & Count(Fields!City.Value)


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