Add Site Setting and Site Action from CSOM

Cited: FTC to CAM – Custom actions and property bag entries from SP App

// Add site settings link
UserCustomAction siteSettingLink = clientContext.Web.UserCustomActions.Add();
siteSettingLink.Group = "SiteTasks";
siteSettingLink.Location = "Microsoft.SharePoint.SiteSettings";
siteSettingLink.Name = "Sample_CustomSiteSetting";
siteSettingLink.Sequence = 1000;
siteSettingLink.Url = string.Format(DeployManager.appUrl, clientContext.Url);
siteSettingLink.Title = "Modify Site Metadata";

// Add site actions link
UserCustomAction siteAction = clientContext.Web.UserCustomActions.Add();
siteAction.Group = "SiteActions";
siteAction.Location = "Microsoft.SharePoint.StandardMenu";
siteAction.Name = "Sample_CustomAction";
siteAction.Sequence = 1000;
siteAction.Url = string.Format(DeployManager.appUrl, clientContext.Url); ;
siteAction.Title = "Modify Site Metadata";


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